NOAA: Florida ranks second in costliest weather and climate disasters

Writer: Paul Dolan
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Damage caused by Hurricane Idalia. CREDIT: WINK News

Since 1980, when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration began keeping records, Florida has suffered the second most billion-dollar disasters in the United States, compared to other states.

According to NOAA, Florida has suffered 81 different billion-dollar disaster events since the organization began keeping these records in 1980, making the total costs over $380 billion.

Those events include 32 tropical cyclones, 26 severe storms, five freezes, four wildfires, seven droughts, two floodings and five winter storms.

In 2023, Florida was affected by five severe weather disasters and one hurricane (Hurricane Idalia), costing a billion dollars or more.

A map of the U.S. plotted with 23 weather and climate disasters each costing $1 billion or more that occurred between January and August, 2023. (Image credit: NOAA/NCEI)

So far, 2023 has eclipsed the previously held record of 22 disasters costing over a billion dollars in 2020, even though there are still three and a half months left for the year.

There have been 253 “direct and indirect fatalities” resulting from 2023’s disasters.

It’s noteworthy that damages in California from Tropical Storm Hilary and the southern/midwestern brought are still under investigation and possibly exceed a billion dollars.

A map of the U.S. plotted with significant climate events that occurred during August 2023. Please see the story below as well as more details in the report summary from NOAA NCEI at link. (Image credit: NOAA/NCEI)

The United States has suffered costs exceeding $2.615 trillion from 371 separate weather and climate disasters since 1980.

According to this NOAA report, Texas was the number one state in billion-dollar disasters for 2023 with a price tag of over $400 billion.

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