Election Day in Naples means City Council will see new faces

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naples city council voting
naples city council voting

Voters in Naples are hitting the polls for mayor and three city council seats.

“I’m here to support the candidates running,” said Diane Ladley from Naples. “I feel that this is an important job to do. Help people get visibility.”

And no matter the results, Naples City Council will see new faces.

“This will be a big change a seismic shift,” said Mary Young. “So, we want to make sure that we get the people in that are going to continue to you know want the values that we have which is we’ll really want to keep Naples the great place it is to live.”

“I think the turnout is very high,” Janet Ferry said. “We’ve been watching it it’s higher than usual.”

Mayor Teresa Heitmann who is seeking a second term and has two opponents. Council member Ted Blankenship, and gary price, a former councilman and vice mayor. Both of her opponents see a need for change, but Heitmann believes much progress has been made.

“I’m here to support Teresa, I think she can give us another four great years. She’s pro resident. She’s an independent candidate,” said Ferry.

“We need representation at the local level that’s going to represent the values that we believe in, and I believe in conservative values,” said Dan Cook of Naples. “I think Ted Blankenship is the right candidate to bring that to the city of Naples.”

A half dozen candidates are running for three open council seats, and they’re all new except for Linda Penniman.

“This particular election is a very important election, because it’s going to say, what happens in the city for the next probably 10 years,” said Judy Hushon.

The supervisor of elections office said they’re hoping for a 30 percent voter turnout Tuesday, and they haven’t had any polling or voting issues so far. You can check where your voting precinct is online, and remember you have until 7pm to cast your ballot.

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