Observation wheel proposed for downtown Fort Myers

Reporter: Taylor Wirtz Writer: Elyssa Morataya
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Councilman Johnny Streets is taking his vision for the City of Fort Myers to new heights.

He’s asking the council to consider building an observation wheel downtown similar to the ones seen in places like Miami or Myrtle Beach.

“It’s something different,” said Streets.

He sees it as a way to bring more families to the area.

“It’s about communities,” added Streets. “It’s about family gathering; it’s about doing something for our youth other than just a restaurant and maybe a drink or something, then going home.”

Streets said the wheel could also help put Fort Myers on the map, drawing in tourists who might usually be flocking to the beach.

The council discussed two different companies to build the wheel, one American and one Dutch.

The council also discussed a city-owned wheel versus one privately owned and operated, with the city serving as its landlord.

Council members expressed concern about how many people would actually use it.

“We’re expecting more of a downturn now that the islands are coming back up and the beaches are more popular than they’re going to be in the next few years,” said Streets, “so we really have to run our numbers.”

But overall, the reaction was cautiously optimistic, and people we spoke with downtown were thrilled over the idea.

“I love that. That would be super fun,” said Abbie Paull. “I mean, anything that they can add here for families and kids would be great.”

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