Google teaches internet safety to SWFL middle school students

Writer: Sommer Senne
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The internet is a big playground with tons of entertainment options, but similarly to real playgrounds, not everyone plays nice.

That’s why Google’s Online Safety Roadshow is teaching Oasis Middle School students how to protect passwords and secrets.

Middle school students use technology much more often than in the past, and what better way to learn internet safety than from Google?

The Google Online Safety Roadshow travels across the country, but on Thursday, Justin and Chelsea with Google stopped at Oasis Middle School.

They’re teaching a room full of sixth and seventh graders about internet safety. The duo talked about having strong passwords, sharing content with care and prioritizing their well-being.

Students even got to vote on whether they thought internet content is real or fake using red and green paddles.

M.J. Henshaw with Google said learning basic internet principles helps kids avoid the ‘not so good’ parts of the internet.

internet safety
Kids voting on website safety at Oasis Middle School. CREDIT: WINK News

“I think these kids are using technology more and more. And it’s going to be it’s part of their school life, it’s going to be part of their future work lives. And so if they can learn how to use it in a good way now, it would be so advantageous for them in the future,” said Henshaw.

Another part of the presentation was on cyberbullying and how to talk to adults about mean comments.

For additional social media literacy help, Google offers an online packet, “Be Internet Awesome,” which provides helpful tips and strategies to look out for while traversing the online landscape.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations created a brief interactive quiz to teach children about how to be safe online.

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