Workers in downtown Fort Myers skeptical about improved parking

Reporter: Maddie Herron
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The Fort Myers City Council’s new parking plan hopes to fix downtown’s parking puzzle for business employees.

However, some workers fear the solution might be just another broken piece, leaving their parking troubles unsolved.

Finding a spot to park in downtown Fort Myers is what modern-day nightmares are made of in Southwest Florida.

It’s an even bigger problem for people who need those spots to do their job.

The Fort Myers City Council wants to fix that problem and the solution could be found in a parking lot.

It’s an everyday struggle for Nicole Porro and others who park downtown for work.

“Sometimes the meters are not working. And then you get fined, or you have to fight it when you get a ticket,” said Porro.

The issue is on the fix-it list for the City of Fort Myers City Council.

“Parking has been a challenge. I don’t say a problem. It’s certainly a challenge, if not a problem,” said City of Fort Myers council member Liston Bochette.

Bochette said the city is looking to rent extra spots for employees who work downtown.

“The leased area is for $500 a month for 90+ spaces, which makes it about 20 cents a day. And the business owners can get passes for their employees at $30 or even less trying to figure out how to reduce it down,” said Bochette.

The plan is to lease 91 spots at an area on Second Street.

“I feel like there should be a designated area for employee parking,” said Porro.

“It’d be a real win for them. At least we got parking so they can go to work. And they’re not going to spend as much as they used to,” said Bochette.

The city council will vote on the proposal at Monday’s meeting. Council member Bochette said if passed the lot will help both the employees and the downtown area to flourish.

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