Sister of Barry Schmalbach speaks out after new documents released

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It’s been nearly a year since Barry Schmalbach disappeared. Many questions still linger for his sister Sherry.

“When I read the details and everything, it just curdled my stomach, and it messed with my head again. You know, just like it was like at the beginning,” said Sherry, Schmalbach’s sister.

Schmalbach was in a relationship with Christopher Davis at the time of his disappearance. Davis is now accused of murdering him.

Newly released documents, including a detailed timeline of Davis‘s movements, paint a grim picture of what investigators believe happened to Schmalbach.

The timeline first takes us to Cruisers in Cape Coral on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, which was the last night Schmalbach was seen alive.

Friends of the couple and a bartender at Cruisers who used to date Davis said it appeared the couple was in the middle of an argument that night.

I really wish he would’ve warned Barry about it. Sherry, Barry Schmalbach’s sister

That bartender told investigators that one night, Davis became aggressive with him and actually held him down.

“I really wish he would’ve said something,” said Sherry. “Even the neighbors that I spoke with when I went to Barry’s condo were saying stuff, you know, ‘we tried to tell him he’s no good.'”

Documents lead us to the condo next since after the couple left the bar that night, they ended up at their condo on Beach Parkway.

One neighbor who lived under the couple says she heard noises as if someone was being thrown around upstairs, as well as someone yelling no. She says that yelling eventually turned into whimpering.

“They should have called the police or somehow, ‘Oh, hey, we can hear you down here.’ You know, maybe it would have stopped him, you know?” said Sherry.

That neighbor said the noises she heard gave her chills.

Barry Schmalbach

Another neighbor who lived below the couple said two days later, around 4 a.m., he heard what sounded like plastic or a heavy tarp moving on the ground and saw what appeared to be Davis dragging something.

“I would’ve called the cops or banged on the wall and said, ‘Hey, you know, I can hear you down here,’ something, you know, just startle him out of the state that he must have been in when he did this to my brother,” said Sherry.

An Airbnb in Clewiston was rented out by Davis using his brother’s credit card.

The owners said they found an unusual amount of sand and debris inside after Davis checked out.

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