New laws take effect in Florida

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It’s the first day of 2015, and there are a few new laws going into effect today in Florida.

One new law involves booster seats for children in cars. It requires kids younger than five to be put in a child safety seat, instead of just using a seat belt. Highway officials say booster seats help seat belts properly secure your kids. AAA supports the new law but says children should use booster seats until they reach four-feet, nine-inches tall. Violating this law carries a fine of $60.

There’s also a new law for smoke detectors. It is designed to phase out old battery-operated smoke alarms. Now when you replace your smoke alarm, you must re-install a detector with a non-removable and non-replaceable battery that lasts at least 10 years.

The minimum wage also increases in Florida Thursday. The minimum wage is now $8.05 an hour, which is a 12-cent increase over the $7.93 it was last year. The rate is different for tip-dependent workers – their minimum wage will be $5.03 an hour, which is also a 12-cent increase.

Another, more minor law involves a $1 surcharge on the use of car-sharing services. That will be instead of the state’s $2 per day rental car surcharge.

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