Too many selfies a sign of psychopathy?

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FORT MYERS, Fla.- Most people take selfies with our smartphones, yet, some do it much more than others. Now, doctors and researchers say snapping too many selfies could be a sign of psychopathic behavior.

The “selfie” is a picture taken of yourself that is uploaded to social media.

“I am just not into them, I feel weird taking a picture of myself,” said Matthew Graham.

“It’s fun. Just the thing right now, everybody likes to take selfies,” said Xavier Pedraza.

But men who take a lot of selfies and post them online may not be sending a good message.

WINK News got our hands on a brand new Ohio State University study, which questioned 800 men. The study found that men who posted more online photos of themselves than others scored higher on measures of narcissism and psychopathy.

“I don’t think so. That would mean that I am crazy then, I don’t think thats true,” said Pedraza.

“I think it is not surprising at all,” said local psychiatrist Dr. Omar Rieche.

Dr. Rieche tells WINK News, the findings may not just be true for men, but woman as well, who take a lot of selfies.

“The idea that you have hundreds of friends and they are all giving you a “yes” or a “thumbs up” saying they like you and your selfies can be really misleading,” said Dr. Rieche.

WINK News asked Matthew Graham about his male friends who take selfies and told him about this study.
Graham feels the findings are pretty accurate.

“The ones that do take them are a little full of themselves and like taking pictures, seeing themselves,” said Graham.


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