Sleeping is key, especially for your children

30-minute naps may boost infants’ learning and memory development:
Average infant sleep defined in study
Age:  3-11 months
1-4 naps per day
Duration:  30 min – 2 hours
Best learning time for infants is just before a nap.
Ideal timing of nap is within 4 hours of learning.
Ideal length of sleep was >30 minutes.
Best:  reading before bedtime.
Sidenote:  decreased obesity.
Link between sleep quality and grades of school-aged children in math and languages:
Good nights sleep = better performance in math and languages.
Those subjects are powerful predictors of later learning and academic success.
Sleep efficiency =gauge of sleep quality (actual sleep time compared to time in bed)
Direct correlation between good sleep efficiency and good grades.
Sleep is important!

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