Collier Clerk of Courts may approve withheld compensation for vendors


COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- Hundreds of businesses may finally be paid off after the Collier County Clerk of Courts, Dwight Brock, has refused to pay them for months.

WINK News first told you about the money still owed to vendors but now a new settlement on the payouts may be in reach. WINK News is also learning a court hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

According to the newly proposed settlement, Brock’s department would pay more than $320,000 to vendors. But if the county can’t come to an agreement soon, businesses will be left with nothing until commissioners return from their summer break in the fall.

“Waiting until September would definitely be a problem for us, you know. We are a small business and I happen to know other small businesses even in the community that do a lot more with the county just with the nature of their business and it would definitely, had quite a big effect on them,” said Christie Poling.

Poling is one of many small business owners, waiting to be full compensated for work done with the county. She says she’s done business with the county for over a decade and never once worried whether or not she would be paid, until now.

“We would be doing more business with the county had this not been going on. There are certain departments that we do quite a bit of business with and we have not done as much as we usually would,” said Poling.

The problem stems from a dispute over the county’s purchasing ordinance. Brock has refused to sign off on paying back the vendors unless the county shows specific board meetings where the funds were approved– leaving local businesses suffering. Some even had to let go of employees.

“Of course if the money isn’t coming in for them to pay their expenses and pay their employees, then obviously they’re going to have to make some cutbacks and I don’t think we need anymore unemployed,” said Poling.

In response to all of this, commissioner Penny Taylor has asked for a special commission meeting on Friday. No word yet on if that meeting will take place.

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