Records show accused murderer researched how to build a silencer

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FORT MYERS, Fla. -Prosecutors laid out new evidence in court Tuesday showing how Michael Spiegel used the internet to look up his victims, days before their murder.

Casey Stout, the supervisor for the digital forensics for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, says Michael Spiegel used online search engines to learn how to build a silencer, locate a hardware store, and learn personal information of victims Marilyn Spiegel , 69, and Harry Carlip ,71. Michael Spiegel is accused of killing the two, on their boat, back in May of 2014.  The vessel was docked near Fort Myers Beach.

Andreas Fotiou lives near the crime scene. He told the court how he could hear screams and gun shots, then complete silence.

An e-mail was also shown in court.  In it Michael Spiegel writes to his ex wife, “Do you ever think of me? I do think of you often.”

Prosecutors showed surveillance video from the Salty Sam Marina, where the victims’ boat was docked.  The video shows Spiegel walking around the dock, and then making his way to the boat where prosecutors say he committed the crime.

Dr. Robert Pfaltzgraff, a Medical Examiner, says Marilyn Spiegel was stabbed 10 times.  He also says Carlip was shot.

Michael Spiegel’s lawyers don’t deny he killed Marilyn Spiegel and Carlip two days before the couples wedding.  However, they are using the insanity defense.

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