Lifeless gator pulled from Cape Coral canal

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CAPE CORAL, Fla.- A 7-foot dead alligator was pulled from a canal in southwest Cape Coral on Tuesday.

A trap was set up near a neighborhood off Beach Parkway after residents saw the gator a few days ago and voiced their concerns.

“We have a lot of kids in the neighborhood, we also have a lot of neighbors that have pets and we don’t want ’em meeting an alligator,” said resident Troy Cail.

Professional trappers contracted by Florida Fish and Wildlife officials set up chicken as bait to hook the gator, and hung it from a pole extended over the water. But they say the rope attached to the hook may have gotten tangled on a rock and trapped the gator underwater, causing it to drown.

The gator will now be taken to a state licensed processing facility.

“They sell the hide, the feet, the meat, the head, ribs, I mean all of it, the skin,” said Tracy Hansen.

Trappers say just last week, they caught an alligator in Cape Coral that ate a couple’s small dog.


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