Passenger caught on camera attacking Uber driver apologizes

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COSTA MESA, Calif. (CBS Los Angeles)- A marketing executive caught on camera violently attacking an Uber driver is apologizing for his bad behavior.

Taco Bell fired 32-year-old Ben Golden after the video went viral. But now, Golden says he has no memory of the violent behavior caught on camera.

“It’s not me in the video, it’s not me. It was hard to watch and I’m ashamed.”

Golden says he lost count of how many drinks he had that night. Moments before the attack, video shows him falling over in the back seat and arguing with the driver, Edward Caban.

When he’s ordered out of the car, Golden snaps.

“I’m not one to get in fights. I think a lot of people that I know are in shock by what they saw,” said Golden.

Caban used pepper spray to defend himself. He says he’s afraid of Golden and has no intention of meeting him for an apology.

“He says it’s not him, but that’s the only him I know,” said Caban.

Golden was arrested shortly after he left the car. He’s now facing four misdemeanor charges including assault and battery and could spend a year in jail.

“I’ve worked so hard,” said Golden, “and I had a stupid night and it’s my fault and I’ve thrown everything away you know.”

“I don’t know whether he was crying because he was so shocked that it went viral,” said Caban.

Caban is suing for at least $25,000 for assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

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