Memes, statements further detail evidence in Sievers killing

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Dr. Teresa Sievers. Photo via WINK News.

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Investigators believe memes from the Facebook account of one of the men accused of killing a Bonita Springs doctor are telling:

  • “One free murder: This voucher entitles you to commit murder without legal, social or financial consequence.”
  • “Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut.”
  • “Two things every American should know how to use, neither of which are taught in schools.” The meme shows pictures of a handgun and a bible.
  • “They aren’t bullets, they are freedom seeds.” The meme shows a picture of a bullet.
  • “I came into this world kicking and screaming while covered in someone else’s blood. I have no problem with going out the same way.”

Hundreds of memes from Jimmy Ray Rodgers’ account were included in thousands of pages of documents released Tuesday by authorities, including statements from those who knew the men accused of killing Dr. Teresa Sievers.

Most of the memes were posted days before her death, according to the documents.

Sievers, 46, was found dead inside her Jarvis Road home on June 29. Rodgers, 25, was arrested in connection with the killing. He is serving six months in federal prison for a probation violation in an unrelated gun case. Curtis Wayne Wright, 47, is charged with second-degree murder in the case.

Sievers’ husband, Mark, has not been charged in his wife’s killing, but in documents released earlier this month, investigators theorized he had direct involvement in the planning and execution of what they believe was a murder-for-hire.

Detectives previously searched Mark Sievers’ condominium in Fenton, Mo., believing there was evidence connecting him to the killing, but did not find anything “obviously related.”

Among other items collected by investigators:

  • Hairs from the Sievers’ two dogs and one cat that were found near Teresa Sievers’ body. Hairs “consistent with that of an animal” were found inside the passenger compartment and trunk of the vehicle Wright rented to drive to Florida, according to court documents.
  • Multiple cell phones, textile gloves and a metal claw hammer from Wright’s trailer in Hillsboro, Mo. A manilla folder with Mark Sievers’ name was also found.
  • Two Missouri licenses with the name “Kurtis G. Emshousen” were found in Wright’s storage unit in Festus, Mo.
Girlfriend statement

In previously released documents, Taylor Shomaker, Rodgers’ girlfriend, told investigators about items Rodgers and Wright bought while in Florida, that Rodgers admitted to killing Teresa Sievers and detailed how Rodgers destroyed related evidence.

Shomaker elaborated further in a sworn statement to detectives, included in the documents released Tuesday, which read in part:

Shomaker: “It wasn’t like a big long conversation. It was just like, um, like after you guys came, I asked him if he went to Florida, and he told me ‘yeah.’ And then I asked him what he went down there for, and he said ‘to make money.’ And then I asked him how he was gonna make money and it was murdering Mark’s wife.”

Detective: “Okay, who is Teresa Sievers?”

Shomaker: “Yeah.”

Detective: “The doctor?”

Shomaker: “Yes.”

Detective: “Okay. And did he say how he murdered her?”

Shomaker: “With a hammer.”

Detective: “And why do you think he would use a hammer?”

Shomaker: “It’s Jimmy.”

Detective: “Is that his weapons of choice or -”

Shomaker: “Yes.”

Detective: “From what you were telling me, do they — do they call him Jimmy the Hammer, or he calls himself the hammer, or what’s –”

Shomaker: “Everybody calls him Jimmy the Hammer, all of his friends back home,” she said.

Detective: “And you had indicated to me that’s because that’s his weapon of choice whenever he has to do something?”

Shomaker: “Yes.”

A hammer was found near Teresa Sievers’ body with “blood and hair on the shaft and head,” according to the previously released documents. Teresa Sievers died from blunt force trauma to the head and 17 crescent shaped lacerations on the front, back and sides of her scalp, the previous documents said.

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