Real Estate Matters: Pre-Market Watch Tidbits

Producer: Rachel Rothe
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FORT MYERS, Fla. – The annual News-Press Market Watch is just a little over a week away and real estate expert Denny Grimes will be one of the speaker, dealing with the topic of residential real estate.  He stopped by the WINK News studio to give us a sneak peak at some of the tidbits and trends he will be discussing at the program.

  1. Median Price: Lee vs. Collier
  • Everyone knows that Naples is more expensive than Ft. Myers, but most would not expect the median price to be almost twice as expensive
  • The AVERAGE price of a single-family home is MORE than double
  • Naples $640,000
  • Ft Myers $333,000

2. Lee County outsells Collier County 2.5 to 1

  • It’s not surprising that Lee County has more sales because of its price point, but most people would not expect Lee to out sell Collier by almost 3 to 1

3. Most Active Price Range: Talk about opposite ends of the price spectrum

  • 20% of Lee’s sales are in the $100,000 to $150,000 price range
  • 21% of Collie’s sales are in the $500,000 to $1 million price range
  • 2,700 homes sold in Lee, only 150 in Collier in the $100 to $150

4. Biggest Myth: Seasonality

  • Markets are not as seasonal as thought
  • Quarter I = 24%
  • Quartet II = 30% (Q II is the busiest quarter)

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