Woman believes she found a skull in an Everglades State Park

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EVERGLADES, Fla.- A woman visiting a State Park in the Everglades stumbled on a rock holding what looked to be a human skull.

It was Carol Gaffney’s curiosity about the Ghost Orchid that nudged her to visit Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park. Gaffney was expecting strange when she arrived after all it was the movie Adaptation and the book The Ghost Orchid that inspired the trip–both eerie tails involving the orchid.

All alone in the park in the middle of the Everglades, Gaffney began to get uncomfortable. The sun was going down and she had run into dozens of vultures. It was just a minute later when she spotted a strange rock formation and decided to take a picture. As she focused in and pressed the button, she noticed something strange. She saw a skull. While she wanted to call 911 right then, she paused and thought her imagination was getting the best of her.

She drove home about an hour to Naples and showed her neighbors the picture. They too thought it was a skull so Gaffney picked up the phone and dialed 911. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office drove out and found the rock formation. Inside they spotted the skull that turned out to be a rock painted to look like human remains.

Gaffney was happy the situation turned to a lighter side and now she too has a strange story to tell involving the Ghost Orchid.

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