‘Try before you buy’ trend makes returning clothes simple

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(SWEEPS FEED) If you’ve ever ordered clothes online, had to send them back then painfully waited to make sure your credit card was credited for your returned purchase, you may be excited by this new way to shop: The “try before you buy” online shopping trend.

Now available with men and women’s clothes, kids wear, glasses and even jewelry, many companies offer well-known brands. Debra Borchardt of Women’s Wear Daily said the trend has its roots in online clothes subscriptions.

“It is a trend that’s growing, it’s really been born out of that subscription box model where people subscribe to something and every month they get a new box, this has come from that trend.”’

Most companies require a credit card that can be authorized and then send customers clothes free of charge, Borchardt said.

“They send you about 5-10 items or clothing or accessories that you try on if you like it you buy it if you don’t you send it back,” she said.

From the moment their package arrives, customers usually have between five to seven days to try things on. The “try before you buy: trend has the incentive of allowing customers to try on new clothes in their comfort of their own homes.

Borchardt said the trend also draws back on negative feelings about the fit of clothes.

“If it doesn’t fit there’s no problem it takes that worry away you just mail it back,” she said.

Most companies include paid postage and some even have personal stylists who select outfits to suit your personal preferences.

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