New study shows women struggling across SWFL

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FORT MYERS, Fla. — A new study outlines the difficulties women face living in Southwest Florida.

Statistics from The Institute for Women’s Policy Research shows women trailing men in business ownership and significant numbers of women living in poverty across the region.

Below is the percentage of women living below the poverty line, according to the study:

  • Charlotte County: 12.5 percent
  • Collier County: 12.7 percent
  • Glades County: 20 percent
  • Hendry County: 23.5 percent
  • Lee County: 14.7 percent

Below is the percentage of women ages 18 through 64 who are covered by health insurance:

  • Charlotte County: 75.1 percent
  • Collier County: 69.6 percent
  • Glades County: 60.7 percent
  • Hendry County: 61.4 percent
  • Lee County: 73.1 percent

Below is the percentage of businesses owned by women, according to the study.

  • Charlotte County: 29.4 percent
  • Collier County: 33.6 percent
  • Glades County: N/A
  • Hendry County: 43.2 percent
  • Lee County: 34.4 percent

Below is the percentage of people who are more than 25 years old and have at least a bachelor’s degree:

  • Charlotte County: N/A
  • Collier County: Females 19.3 percent; Males 22.6 percent
  • Glades County: Females 11.7 percent; Males 9.2 percent
  • Hendry County: Females 12.5 percent; Males 8.8 percent
  • Lee County: Females 24 percent; Males 26.8 percent

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