Experts provide tips on repelling mosquitoes ahead of rainy season

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With more wet weather on the horizon, SWFL residents need to also gear up for more pesky insects.

This time last year, places like Golden Gate Estates had a major mosquito problem. But this year, Hurricane Irma has actually helped get rid of many insect eggs and larvae.

At Shane’s Cabana Bar in Naples, they don’t just serve up drinks; they also serve bug spray to customers, especially during the summer months.

“We were talking about it this morning how were getting bit already,” said resident Chris Miller.

And that’s what Collier Mosquito Control is there for: making summer less miserable.

“When they get close enough, there’s a vacuum inside here. They pass through the sensor (and it) counts them,” said Robin King with mosquito control.

Mosquito control dealt with a large salt marsh mosquito invasion last year that some called a problem of biblical proportions.

But this year they say they’re not seeing as many salt marsh mosquitoes. King says Irma’s high tides likely rinsed out the mangroves, taking away larva with it. And now they can focus on prepping for the summer ahead.

“We anticipate the worst and hope for the best,” King said.

Experts also want SWFL residents to prepare themselves by remembering the “Four D’s”.

  • Dress wearing long sleeves and pants
  • Avoid dusk and dawn
  • Drain your plants—because any standing water is a prime target for breeding grounds

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