Collier scientists using fish to relieve mosquito concerns

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The Collier Mosquito Control District is putting the circle of life to good use amid rainy season in Southwest Florida.

Scientists are breeding gambusia, or mosquito fish, in their labs to combat a pesky problem. The fish are native to Florida and live up to their name by feeding on up to 100 mosquito larvae per day.

Residents will be able to pick up the fish to use in their own backyards once the program is fully operational, according to marine biologist Rachel Bales. The program will be free of charge for residents.

“They’re perfect for bird baths, decorative ponds, troughs for livestock,” Bales said. “They’re really easy. You don’t have to feed them, they’ll feed on mosquito larvae and algae.”

For more information on the Collier Mosquito Control District, click here.

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