Company to build 3D-printed homes in Englewood

Company to build 3D-printed homes in Englewood. WINK News

A 3D printing company is using technology to bring fast, flexible and affordable housing to Englewood.

The company called 3D Build Systems plans to start printing homes by the summer of 2019. The printing process can assemble a home in a matter of hours.

“It simplifies in many ways the way we construct a wall, but we can do it very quickly and with a pattern that can’t be done manually,” said Don Musilli, the CEO of 3D Build Systems.

The building process would require a robot to sit in the center of the home and pour concrete or other building materials to construct the shell of the home from the inside out. A crane would then lift the printer out of the home, so the finishing touches could be completed.

“These homes are going to be able to withstand winds of up to 220 mph, an eight on the Richter Scale, longevity 150 years. They’re very, very strong homes,” Musilli said.

Using a robot can save time and labor costs — making 3D-printed homes a game changer in Sarasota County, where affordable housing is an issue.

The company plans to start small by printing homes between 700 and 1,400 square-feet.

The technology offers unique architectural options such as rounded walls and dome ceilings that are often too challenging and costly for traditional home builders.

“The only limitation are the imagination of the potential buyer,” Musilli said.

The company hopes to expand the construction of 3D homes in Charlotte County too.

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