Murder Mystery train full of passengers crashes into car on Fort Myers tracks

Leigh Clark

A train full of passengers enjoying a ride on the “Murder Mystery” dinner train collided with a car late Saturday night in Fort Myers.

The crash happened along the tracks on Veronica S Shoemaker and Palm Beach Boulevard.

Leigh Clark

In the moments after the crash, witnesses say at least one person was loaded into an ambulance.

Witnesses also say the train laid on its horn as it approached the intersection, but the car tried to beat it across the tracks instead of stopping. The car was then pushed down the track.

According to passengers on board the Murder Mystery train, it was right before the actors were going to reveal who the murderer was when they heard a loud crash.

Leigh Clark

One of the passengers, Leigh Clark, said the following:

“It was just surreal that we’re in the middle of this murder mystery. We’re waiting to find out who the murderer is, and literally we collide with a car on the train, and you know, we have a new mystery to solve on board. Trying to figure out what did we hit, who did we hit, are they alive?”

The driver of the vehicle managed to escape with only minor injuries, sources say.

Leigh Clark

Passengers on board add that the actors finished out the murder mystery afterward.

No one on board was injured.

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