Video: Trapper knocked out cold by large alligator in Ocoee

Author: WKMG

An 8-foot alligator knocked a trapper out cold in Ocoee, and the incident was caught on video.

That’s right: Knocked out cold, lying on the ground while the gator’s tail took down another captors. Watch the video, below, to see for yourself.

People who live in the Hammocks subdivision said the gator was walking around for quite some time before Florida Fish and Wildlife trappers could come out to the neighborhood and remove the animal.

“It literally crossed the street from our house,” said Jim Jarrells, who lives in the neighborhood.

“It walked for 20 steps and then it just (kind of) sat down and walked for 20 steps and sat down,” added Walter Day, another neighbor. “It was (kind of) odd to watch.”

Neighbors said dozens of people were outside watching and recording the gator on their phones as it walked along front yards of homes.

“It was a pretty good size,” Jarrells said. “It was pretty fat.”

The reptile finally lay down on the doorstep of a home before wildlife officers could arrive. One neighbor almost opened her front door to the alligator.

“We were like, ‘No, go back in!’ So she closed the door,” Day said.

Just when neighbors said they thought the show was over, the tied-up gator made a last-ditch effort to get away.

“The gator flipped back and head-butted the guy,” Day said. “(It) knocked him to the ground. At that point, it was (kind of) free and whacked police officers with its tail.”

A woman nearby rushed over to help the trapper as he fell to the ground.

Experts said two things bring alligators out from the water: when they’re looking for a mate and when they’re looking for food.

“We don’t really have any bodies of water here in the neighborhood, so to see it come from some distance, it was pretty surprising,” Jarrells said.

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