Newspaper deliveryman warns Pine Island neighborhood of coyote

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Note warns about coyote
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A hand-written note was found in a Pine Island family’s home newspaper. It warns them of a coyote in their neighborhood after a newspaper carrier spotted a little girl walking to her bus stop.  

“We’ve been hearing them, but someone took the time to actually write us the note and tell us and had a concern about our neighborhood,” Christine Lindsey said.  

Lindsey quickly shared the note on a Pine Island Facebook group, making neighbors aware of the danger. 

“One person commented, ‘Wow, our delivery person doesn’t go slow enough to write a note,’” Lindsey said laughing. 

Christopher Bryant is the watchful deliveryman who notified Lindsey’s family and, in effect, the entire neighborhood.

“We know from doing it every day, there’s a little girl in the area that goes down one of the roads there, and we saw a coyote there,” Bryant said.  

While no children have been attacked, neighbors said they have seen the animals before.  

“These coyotes are everywhere and wreaking havoc everywhere,” Lindsey said. “These animals mean business.” 

Last year, one of Lindsey’s dogs was attacked by a coyote, and other neighbors have lost animals to them too. 

“As the temps get cooler, and the pups from the spring start to mature, they’re going to start looking for their own territory,” Lindsey said.  

While the predators have been away lately, they’ve now been put on notice, and it’s all thanks to this note. 

“I know it’s not on a great piece of paper, but we wanted to make them aware of it,” Bryant said. 

Lindsey and the neighborhood are grateful for Bryant watching out for them.

“To pass along the thank you,” Lindsey said a little choked up for words. “Excuse me. Not only from us, but our island is really happy.”

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