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Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Shopping online is the norm, and most people don’t think twice about it. But, there are still reasons to be careful. There are ways to buy safely online. 

Before confirming a purchase, make sure there is a padlock next to the URL or website address. That indicates a website meets certain security standards.

Consider the payment options for a purchase online. Middle-man services such as PayPal create a buffer.

If it comes down to credit versus debit, experts told WINK to only use a credit card.  

“If [it’s on a card], it’s much easier to get the problem resolved,” said Carrie Kerskie, president of Griffon Force. If it’s on a card that’s associated with your bank account, you may have to wait for the bank to refund those funds back into your bank account. 

Nothing is 100-percent secure even if shopping on a reputable website.  

Check the company’s number of sales, reviews, and see if it has an independent website.

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