Lee County sees increased traffic as season rolls around

Reporter: Nicole Lauren
Published: Updated:

As the population increases in Lee County from snowbirds making their way down for the winter months, maintaining roadways throughout the year is imperative to driver safety.

Over the past year, Lee County has completed 24 different projects to ensure driver safety, some of the main projects include re-timing signals, adding turn lanes, and adding new road signals.

Workers tell us lengthening turn lanes is one of the biggest relievers of congestion, and if they county didn’t make these changes, the consequences would be gridlock.

“We know the snowbirds come back every year and we adjust our signals November first for that, but throughout the year were always monitoring intersections where perhaps there is congestion with traffic flowing through,” said Betsy Clayton, Lee County Spokesperson.

All these measures are to provide relief to the congestion that can be caused by the increased amount of traffic.


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