SunPass users complain of bogus toll-by-plate charges

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SunPass toll plaza. Photo Credit: CBS Miami

Check your SunPass bill!

Drivers by the dozen say they are getting charged for tolls in places they’ve never visited.

We took to our Facebook page to see how many people were victims of incorrect billing. We received comments from many upset drivers claiming they’ve been charged for trips they never made.

One woman told us, getting the problem corrected is not easy.

Angela Davis’ cousin got a bill in the mail and immediately thought, something’s not right, “He had a Harley Davidson, which he sold to a friend, and that friend lives in South Carolina and has not been to Miami and this is clearly not a Harley Davidson.”

And at a second glance, Davis realized that’s not her cousin in the picture either, “They have a license tag number here which does not even match up to the license tag number that was on the bike.”

Davis told me this is not the first time her family’s received a bogus bill. They got one a few months back.

The more this happens, the more she worries.

Drivers who fail to pay toll violations or dispute them properly, face consequences.

“It’s bothersome. Plus Wayne has fear it could damage his driver’s license if he doesn’t pay it or if it doesn’t get corrected,” Davis said.

FDOT officials tell WINK News millions of cars drive through toll-by-plate readers. Glare from the sun is just one reason for mistakes — meaning an unwanted bill in your mailbox.

Davis filed a dispute, but in the meantime, her advice is “If you get an invoice from them, you need to be checking every single one of them.”

FDOT also said, the best way for drivers to reduce their risk of getting an unwanted or unwarranted bill is to get a transponder instead of relying on the toll-by-plate reader.

But, readers on our Facebook page made it clear, people with transponders are angry too.

If you have a problem with your transponder or received bogus toll-by-plate bills, comment on our Facebook post and we’ll continue to follow this story to see what’s being done to fix the issue.

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