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Biologist says invasive cane toads present in SWFL

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Watch your pets. Pet owners may notice more deadly and disgusting amphibians.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said cane toads are coming out because of warmer weather, and it will only get worse when it rains.

Biologists said they are an invasive species and breed in high numbers. And that’s why a lot of them come out at once. One lick by a pet could be deadly.

“You really should be weary, especially in the evenings,” Biologist Melinda Schuman said. “If you’re walking your dog outside, just pay attention to where they’re putting their heads, where they’re rooting around, and always keep them on a leash.”

Schuman said any toad that is above four to five inches in length is a cane toad. No toad species native to Florida can reach that length.