Cape Coral’s City Council to approve program that installs hundreds of benches at local bus stops

Reporter: Nicole Lauren
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Credit: WINK News.

Following the death of 8-year old Layla Aiken, a movement has been put into place to prevent deaths like hers from ever happening again.

The installation of hundreds of semi-permanent benches is just one precautionary step being taken to prevent young students from being hit by vehicles when they are waiting on the bus in the dark.

The parent activists behind the picnic tables say there are about 200 benches out there already, but the next phase is an effort between the city, school district, and the Rotary Club, which will give a more permanent solution.

The goal of the benches isn’t necessarily to have benches at the stop, but for them to have more of a safe zone that provides light and protection to students sitting out there in the dark.

The benches will be complete with a concrete foundation, lights, reflective lights, and as an added bonus, they are made out of recycled plastics and steel. Each one costs about $350.

It will take about 6 weeks for the benches to comes in, and in the mean time the city will be pouring concrete and finding locations to place each one.

Many citizens have been asking what the future is fort the tables that are already out. Bench leaders say volunteers will be maintaining them, which means cleaning and bringing them inside during severe weather.

The partnership with the Rotary Club will be a trial period that will start the beginning of next school year and last until Christmas Break.


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