Cape Coral man awarded the ‘Citizen Commendable Action Coin’ for canal rescue assist

Florian Mickuleit, photo via CCPD

Cape Coral Police Department Chief David Newlan introduced the ‘Citizen Commendable Action Coin’ to  Florian Mickuleit for his assistance in helping law enforcement rescue a man from a canal.

The Citizen Commendable Action Challenge Coin is given by an Officer of the Cape Coral Police Department to a civilian that performs an extraordinary act(s) or in the recognition of exemplary behavior,” said Chief Newlan,

The rescue happened on June 4, 2019 around 7:00 pm, Cape Coral Police received a call form a concerned citizen to report that a man had been swimming in the canal behind their home for a while, and was refusing to come out of the water and was not acting rationally.

As the officers arrived they saw the mam in the middle of the canal and hewas acting strangely and was not willing to swim to shore. The man was out of range of the rescue rope and he started saying he could not swim to the officers as the current was too strong.

CCDPD says Mickuleit was in the area delivering a rental boat and offered to pilot the boat to allow us to attempt to rescue the man. Officers boarded the boat and Mickuleit drove the boat to the center of the canal and with the aid of the rescue rope, officers were able to bring the exhausted man onboard.

Lee County Emergency Medical Services were standing by and transported the male to a local hospital.

The Citizen Commendable Action Coin was presented to Mickuleit for his services in assisting Officers in rescuing a citizen in need. Mickuleit’s actions allowed the man to be rescued far quicker than would have otherwise been possible and possibly prevented him from drowning.

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