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LCSO deputy sentenced to one-year probation after elbowing a teen

Reporter: Taylor Petras
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A cop who lost his cool.

An elbow to the head has cost former Lee County Deputy Blake Grossi his job and on Wednesday, and a battery conviction was put on his record.

Former Lee County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Blake Grossi, 26, apologized in court on Wednesday for a video showing him elbowing a teen in handcuffs in February.

After nearly two hours of emotional testimony from family and friends, a judge sentenced him to one-year probation.

Daniel Garza, the victim’s attorney, said the former deputy violated a rule central to the mission of law enforcement.

“We expect law enforcement,” Garza said. “We expect those people that we put in that position of power, that position of authority to protect us.”

Grossi, under oath, said while he did not intend to hurt the victim, he could have with his actions.

Grossi, who trained in martial arts, testified a chase two days before the incident involving the teen caused his emotions to rise.

“I was just so frustrated that he had fought with the deputies previously and leading up to that he had almost taken a little girl’s life,” Grossi said.

“I’m going to adjudicate you guilty of a battery,” Judge Devin George said. “The reason that I’m doing that is because I think that should follow your record as long as you are an adult.”

Part of Grossi’s probation includes speaking to recruits at the police academy about what he did and how it has impacted his life. Prosecutors want the former deputy to spend 30 days in jail.

Looking back, Grossi said he would have handled things differently.

“I wish if I could go back,” Grossi said. “I would try to help him the way I’ve helped other kids and not let my emotions, and I guess, the job that I was in define who I was.”