Charlotte County embraces new water conservation campaign

Reporter: Erika Jackson
Sprinklers at a Charlotte County homeowner's backyard. (Credit: WINK News)
FILE – Sprinklers at a Charlotte County homeowner’s backyard. (Credit: WINK News)

We take water for granted. But think about a day without it. Hospitals and fire stations would shut down. You could not shower or brush your teeth. That is why Charlotte County is joining a campaign to bring awareness to conservation.

Pat Sarver, who lives in Burnt Store Village, said we would not exist without water. “We came from the water and we need water,” he said. There would be nothing to shower, drink and dispose of your business. That would create health and safety issues.

The water coming out of fire hydrants to save your home is the same water that comes out of your sink to keep you hydrated. For people in Charlotte County, it comes from the Peace River Water Supply Authority in Arcadia or from the Burnt Store Water Treatment Facility near the Charlotte and Lee counties line.

Caroline Wannall is the public relations manager for Charlotte County Utilities. She said it gets the water from underground wells. Then the water is cleaned within its facility. “After it’s consumed and then goes to the water treatment,” she said. which then, they treat the water for irrigation.”

Before the clean water reaches your sink, it goes through multiple filters. Once the water is consumed, it can be used again. After traveling through your sewer system, water is filtered, sanitized and reclaimed as irrigation to water your lawn. “I think everyone should know where their water comes from and where it goes,” Sarver said.

Additionally, water could hurt our economy. The Value of Water campaign said one day without water in the United States would put over $43 billion in economic activity at risk. So next time you leave the sink running or forget to turn off your sprinklers, remember it is a vital resource that should not be taken for granted.

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