RSW adds new flights to Cuba despite travel restrictions

Reporter: Gina Tomlinson
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Distinctive architecture in Cuba (Credit: U.S. Dept of State)
Cuba’s distinctive architecture (Credit: U.S. Dept of State)

Southwest Florida International Airport added a new flight to Cuba despite several travel restrictions. The next flight is just days away.

It is a dream come true for Gloria Jordan and a new way home for her to see family in Cuba.

”Somehow,” Jordan said, “something that was bad turned into something good.”

Jordan said limited travel options are making it more expensive and hard for people to see their families.

”They’re working day and night to support a family, they get to Havana, take a car that will cost you 300 dollars,” Jordan said.

Some have said the travel restrictions are important. Jordan Gunn said President Donald Trump wants to keep Cuba from profiting from a United States airline.

”If you actually understand what his goals are, you realize that he’s trying to do us best,” Gunn said. “He’s not trying to do anything thats restrictive to people.”

Other supporters of the president, like Mike Holm, do not agree with the plan.

”The restrictions are kind of a little bit overdone,” he said.

People can travel to Cuba for a family visit, professional research, journalism, religious activities and athletic competitions.

Jordan, who takes groups to Cuba for educational purposes, said the new flights are coming at the perfect time.

“They’re going to need more planes than just one,” Jordan said.

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