Florida’s ‘2020 Python Bowl’ set to kick off Friday

Reporter: Stephanie Byrne
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Burmese pythons
Burmese pythons take over the Everglades. (Credit: CBS News)

Edison National Bank founders Robbie and Geoffrey Roepstorff spend their days at work in paralleling offices.

This duo goes out into the Everglades to hunt pythons.

Geoffrey said, “There’s no way if you’d ask us five years ago, we would be touching a snake, let alone python hunters. No way!”

“We’re very environmentally sensitive,” Robbie added. “Both of our mothers – God rest their souls – both of our mothers loved wildlife and loved animals. So we thought, let’s just go do this as a tribute to them, and so, that’s what really got us involved in it.”

South Florida Water Management District governing board member Chauncey Goss says the Florida python challenge ‘2020 Python Bowl’ welcomes pros and rookies to hunt the snakes.

He said the governor was very adamant that we bring it back, “As part of Everglades restoration, we want to make sure we get rid of the invasive species. The Burmese python is an invasive species and it’s just decimating everglades. It’s been wiping out all of the small animals that are native to the Everglades.”

Now, Floridians can take environmental protection into their own hands.

Click HERE for more information on the Python Elimination Program.

More information on removing pythons and what to do if you see one can be found here from the FWC.

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