Stores temporarily limiting or suspending returns

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If you bought too much toilet paper, disinfectant spray or wipes, and hand sanitizer, chances are you’re stuck with it.

Stores like Costco, Dollar General and Dollar Tree are restricting returns.

At Costco, customers cannot return paper products, water, rice, and disinfectant products.

Dollar General and Dollar Tree say they aren’t accepting exchanges on similar items.

Even if you didn’t overbuy COVID-19 essentials, some stores aren’t accepting returns of any kind right now.

Publix, CVS, Whole Foods and Winn-Dixie say they won’t take back anything at the moment.

BJ’s accepts some returns, but it’s not accepting returns or exchanges on the following merchandise: All food and beverages; Household cleaning products; Paper products; Medications; Beauty products, including hygiene products, sanitizers and soap; Batteries; Water filtration.

As to why stores aren’t taking accepting returns, responses varied.

Publix said suspending its refund policy is to discourage stockpiling, while CVS told us it’s out of an abundance of caution.

If you have an issue with the product’s quality, contact the store directly.

Many people are applauding the store’s temporary policies, saying people shouldn’t be able to return items they overbought.

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