SWFL dad turns garage into work studio to make masks for seniors

Reporter: Nicole Gabe
Credit: WINK News

One Southwest Florida man already has his hands full, but rather than kicking back during his short downtime he’s keeping his hands occupied—making masks.

John Puig is a single dad juggling kids and a new mission.

Puig decided to close his canvas business for the time being and turn his garage into a studio. He spends time there with his kids and makes masks for people, who because of an underlying condition —are especially vulnerable to coronavirus.

“I could’ve still been trying to pump out these last invoices and put something away if the economy totally tanks. There’s fabric under the table and stuff I bought, and I said no I’m not gonna walk away from it,” said Puig.

He has just begun and has already given away 200 masks.

“What I do is I put them in bags like lunch bags, and I give them a little instruction sheet. Because they are washable, and I invest a little bit of work in them. So you can wash them, wear it and reuse it,” said Puig.

Puig said with each mask he makes he appreciates what he has even more— his church, his health, his family and his ability to give.

“It’s very important for me, to live what I want to model in my children. So to be helpful and to be hopeful. That I am living and modeling that,” said Puig.

Puig told WINK News that for now, he will keep making masks for seniors and those with underlying conditions like diabetes and heart disease.

If there’s still a need—he will then start making masks for hospital staff.

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