Parents find that teaching from home is harder than anticipated

Reporter: Corey Lazar
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If you are helping to teach a student from home—you may also feel like you are in school yourself.

As a parent—The internet is your best friend to try and look up how to solve problems before your child does.

Sarona Weyant has a middle schooler at Oasis Middle in Cape Coral— and she’s smart as a whip.

“I am really, really good in science. Or so I thought! I have a degree in science and a degree in public health education so when he started doing this I was like—I got this. Then I realized I don’t have this at all,” said Weyant.

It’s a pitiful feeling being sneaky—looking up how to solve answers to help your child through school work—to try and look like you know what you’re doing.

“He has no idea I am struggling just as much as he is but I am trying to make it smooth so he can continue his education,” said Weyant

Krystina Rivera has two children and is having the same issue—The math goes way over her head.

“He had to not only find the answer but also had to find it in inches to the second power, inches to the third power,” said Rivera.

But parents are doing what we have to do—even going to school with our children.

“I have like a whole party trying to help us out and we are looking at it like,” said Rivera.

Both parents thank their child’s teachers for being so great at answering all the e-mails, calls and video messages to figure out what to do.

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