DeSantis orders restaurants to screen employees before work

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Restaurants could be safer for you to go into. It could mean temperature checks and a questionnaire before employees go to work.

Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order that directs restaurants to screen their employees before they work. The governor’s order also allows those who have tested positive for the virus to return to work after getting one negative test. In the past, employees would need two negative test results before being allowed back.

Every restaurant we talked with Thursday told us they have plans in place for what happens if an employee does not feel well. Some restaurants even said they’ve been taking temperatures of employees, even before the day’s order.

But customers were split. Some said the measures make them feel safer. Others said it’s a bit too much.

“We have quite a few of these hand-held thermometers,” said Bonnie Grunberg, the owner of Oasis Restaurant in Fort Myers.

Grunberg says, in order to keep her doors open, safety must be a priority.

“We do take their temperature when they walk in,” Grunberg said. And, you know, like I said, we expect them to have their hands washed, masks on.”

The governor’s order means more screening of employees at restaurants, keeping workers home when they’re not feeling well and making sure they don’t have symptoms while on the clock.

“I am doing as much as possible,” said Jasmine Fedoriv, the owner of Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls in Fort Myers. “If they wanted me to take even more precautions, I can do that. My employees are fine with it.”

We spoke to some who are visiting from other states, who say they appreciate not only what’s in place but that more guidelines are being added.

“I had a lot of anxiety coming in because I saw the numbers, you know,” said Eric Esquivel, who was visiting from Utah. “Keep going up and climbing and everything like that. But, as we’ve gone out, I’ve gotten more and more comfortable.”

For others, what they see is more than enough, and they worry that more guidelines will continue to hurt businesses that have already lost a great deal of income.

“I would like it to go back to normal, yes,” Tara Ford said.

“We would like the businesses to be able to survive, and this current model is not sustainable,” John Ford said.

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