Everglades reservoir project blasts into its next phase

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EAA project

We’re getting a better look at a project that will help send water from Lake Okeechobee south to the Everglades.

The Everglades Agricultural Area Storage Reservoir Project (EAA) will help reduce harmful discharges from the lake.

Blasts in the heart of Florida, with 4,000 pounds of explosives, mark the most recent milestone for the project.

Chauncey Goss is the chairman of the South Florida Water Management District governing board.

He says, “The purpose behind the explosions is to start moving water, as you know, move water south.”

First, the water will get filtered through a stormwater treatment area, and then moved to the reservoir, which is welcomed news for the Southwest Florida coast.

“The whole point of this really is to make sure that we do cut those harmful discharges that we saw that were so bad to our estuaries,” Goss said.

And for the parched Everglades.

The SFWMD hopes to complete the stormwater treatment area of the project around 2023.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is responsible for the reservoir itself. It will take six to eight years to finish.

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