3 people injured in vicious dog attack in Cape Coral

Reporter: Justin Kase Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Credit: WINK News.

Three people were left injured after they were viciously attacked by a dog in Cape Coral recently. The incident happened near the corner of Del Prado Boulevard and Four Mile Cove Parkway.

Neighbors said this is the kind of community where people feel safe walking, so the attack comes as a total shock. They say this is the worst dog attack they’ve seen.

“This dog wanted blood,” said Melissa Kerner, who witnessed the attack. “He wanted blood.”

The dog’s owner tied it up in the yard with a wire, but it escaped, and the dog went after people nearby. People were able to wrap the wire around a street sign, but it didn’t hold.

A neighbor and his dog narrowly escaped, but people down the street weren’t so lucky.

“I saw the dog jump at them,” said Jon Corbett, who called 911. “I saw the person get ripped under. And at that point, I’m on with 911.”

Kerner and a nearby Amazon driver sprinted toward an older couple being attacked by the dog.

“Her arms were shredded,” Kerner said. “I mean, seriously shredded. She had blood up and down her.”

Two people were sitting on the ground trying to protect their poodle while several people tried to hold back an aggressive German shepherd mix as it lunged for the other dog.

Three people in all were attacked. There were wounds left on the couple after doing everything they could to protect their poodle.

“There was a chunk of skin missing from this guy’s arm,” Kerner said.

Police eventually got control of the dog, and its owner surrendered it to them.

Tips: We spoke to Patrick Logue, the master dog trainer with Bark Busters home Dog Training, who told us people should remain as still as possible if ever found in this situation. If you have to move, move slowly and look for things to put between yourself and the dog. And if you are being attacked, be as non-reactive as possible. The more you fight back, the more the dog will continue attacking.

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