Stranger helps family after tree falls on their house

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Paul fischer
Fischer removes tree from home

One homeowner says they’re shocked by the kindness of a stranger after a tree fell onto their house as Hurricane Eta ripped through. Not even 24 hours after WINK News first brought you this story, someone stepped in and helped the family.

The sound of a woodchipper and the sight of men working in her front yard is giving Shelly Romero a sense of relief.

“We are so grateful for them,” Romero said. They’re helping get rid of the tree that fell on her house.

Paul Fischer is a landscaper by trade that doesn’t often work for free. But, on Friday, he made an exception.

Fischer sent a crew from Fischer’s Lawn, Landscape, and Tree Service to Romero’s home to get rid of that tree that crashed into the roof. He saw Romero’s story on WINK News during the Hurricane Eta coverage. “I had mentioned to my fiancé that I’d like to help these people out,” Fischer said.

For now, a blue tarp is covering the huge hole that the tree created outside. Inside, the family put a kiddie pool in place just in case the tarp doesn’t hold up.

“It was really hard getting in the house with the yellow tape and everything. We can’t do anything in the front yard,” Romero said. “It destroyed a bunch of my mom’s plants. It was just a huge disturbance. We couldn’t even see out the window.”

Fischer and his crews are no stranger to cleaning up after hurricanes. In fact, they’ve been working hard for 30 years.  He’s been through Charley and Irma. While Eta didn’t do as much damage as those, the Romero family still needed help.

“I’m so grateful and thankful that they came and helped us out it saved us a lot of money and a lot of work,” said Romero.

Paul Fischer says it’s all about heart. “It’s not all about filling your wallet, you’ve got a fill your heart too,” said Fischer.

This business owner saw a family in need and stepped up to take action.

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