Trump store to close in Englewood

Reporter: Andrea Guerrero Writer: Drew Hill
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A Sarasota County store owner is on a mission to sell the remainder of his merchandise before the store closes for good. This man turned a side hustle dedicated to President Donald Trump into a successful business.

When Erick Mitrovich first opened his Trump store in Englewood, he figured he’d just make some quick cash.

But it became popular with visitors, like Eric Goodwin from Canada. “I just like his philosophies and how he has built the economy and I just wish we had that kind of initiative in Canada,” said Goodwin.

Business has been good for Mitrovich. “It’s great, a lot of Trump supporters here in Florida and I had no problem whatsoever, so it was good, it was good business,” he said.

Two months later, however, he’s getting ready to close the doors. But Mitrovich wanted to make it very clear that he’s closing because he signed a very short lease, not because Trump lost.

“He still hasn’t lost yet, so we still have faith that he’s going to fight back and hopefully he gets elected,” Mitrovich said.

Goodwin came in to get a flag. “We bought a flag and that’s all. Just something we can put up. We have Pence and other memorabilia and now we’re going to add Trump to it,” said Goodwin.

Every wall, every corner, and every table of the store is covered in merchandise in support of the president. “T-shirts, hats, everything pretty much sells because we have playing cards, the coins, coffee mugs. Everything pretty much sells, but the number one I would say is the bumper stickers, T-shirts and hats,” said Mitrovich.

If everything doesn’t sell by the end of November, he’ll be selling it online because, based on what he hears in the store, the demand is pretty high. “All they do is talk about Trump and what he’s done for the country,” Mitrovich said.

He said that many are coming in now to get that one lasting memento to honor Trump’s presidency.

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