Collier County conducts Logan Blvd traffic study amid safety concerns

Reporter: Taylor Smith Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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We told you this week community members are concerned about speeders and in particular big vehicles, such as dump trucks, speeding down a roadway near their homes.

We learned Tuesday larger vehicles going down Logan Boulevard are being monitored by Collier County. We were told it’s in the process of counting the number of big trucks that use the roadway.

The County says, if the study shows a significant percentage of trucks within 24 hours, it will take this to the board of commissioners to ask for truck restrictive signage, which could be installed as soon as April.

It’s something people in the area hope for.

“In the last two months, it’s been like the floodgates have opened,” Charli Butler said. “The truck traffic has just exploded.”

Butler lives in the Stone Creek community and has to use Logan Blvd. every day. He says big dump trucks have been scaring people on the road.

“Some of my neighbors have told me trying to pull out in the morning, they’ve had some close calls, I mean life-threatening scary stuff out there,” Butler said.

Drivers aren’t the only ones worried about safety. Logan Blvd. is filled with cyclists and pedestrians too.

“At this point, you don’t even want to take your children out here on a bike ride or anything,” Butler said. “It’s just not worth it.”

Lately, Butler said he has not felt safe walking along the roadway. He says in a 30-minute walk, he has counted 30 to 40 trucks.

“You’re walking literally like three feet next to a truck, and of course, some of them are going a little bit over the speed limit,” Butler said. “So it’s kind of daunting to have the truck coming at you.”

Collier County says, in addition to the truck study, it’s working through the Collier County development services to contact trucking companies to advise the use of alternative routes.

Collier County Sheriff’s Office says it’s been working on traffic studies on Logan Boulevard as well.

In the month of February, CCSO has conducted 26 traffic stops, and the sheriff’s office told us it plans to continuing to monitor the roadway.

“I think a zoning rule should be put in place,” Butler said. “Maybe trucks over a certain weight shouldn’t be using this little road.”

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