Plans for 3-building complex in Midtown move forward

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A new development in Fort Myers could be the key to more business moving to the area. Plans for a massive three-building complex in Midtown are moving forward.

The city is hoping this development will inspire other investors to consider Midtown. The developer’s plans highlight the benefits of living there including being right near downtown, the farmer’s market and the water.

Also, you won’t be far from shopping at the mall or hopping on the interstate.

Plus, you can help turn this vacant lot into something fresh, vibrant and important to the city’s growth.

Those in Fort Myers know downtown is bustling with small businesses and people. But, the city wants to push people to midtown.

Phil Brabant lives in Fort Myers. “Let’s push some money over there,” Brabant said.

Brabant says he’s only seen it vacant and wants something to go in there. “It’s been vacant for almost as long as I’ve been down here — 15 years,” he said.

But, hopefully, that could change soon. A four-story apartment building, a five-story building with fancy amenities and a six-story parking garage are set to make up what will be called The Montage at Midtown.

Gregg Petrelli says it should bring jobs. “It provides jobs. look what’s going on around you, I would think that would only help the neighborhood around us,” Petrelli said.

Still, some people are skeptical of yet another apartment complex coming to town.

“If they were making buildings and buildings like a little mall I think I would be in support of that because a lot of people are going out of business, especially with COVID and a lot of people losing their jobs, I think that’s what our community could be focusing on,” said Teayl Miller.

The apartment complex hopes to draw a diverse group of renters such as “millennials, Gen-Z’s, professionals working downtown and empty nesters looking to downsize or relocate to a more urban location.”

It is set to be comparable to The Edison Apartments off of Mina Circle.

For most people, it all comes down to cost. Although, there’s no word yet on what the rent will be.

Kali Mounts lives in Fort Myers as well. “It looks appealing but I think the people that would be able to afford that — wouldn’t be the younger crowd, it’d be the older people that are snowbirds,” Mounts said.

“I think it’s affordable. Not necessarily dirt cheap. but affordable,” Brabant said.

“Rent one? Sure why not. Looks pretty nice,” Petrelli said.

The developer says The Montage at midtown will create nearly 700 jobs directly and indirectly.

When all is said and done, the economic impact will be nearly $130 million for a section of the city that needs a jumpstart.

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