Driver crawls out of car after tree falls on it

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tree falls in lehigh
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Tuesday afternoon’s storms caused a tree to fall onto a car in Lehigh Acres. The happened along Lee Blvd, near Grant Avenue. The driver then had to crawl out of the car to safety.

Luckily, according to the woman’s family, she’s doing just fine as she walked away with minor cuts. Emotionally, however, she’s a bit shaken up after having to climb through her passenger side to exit the vehicle.

Rebecca Cintron-Justice had a scary phone call with her stepmom as a tree was falling onto her car.  “She just seemed panicked and then the phone disconnected and I called back and she told me what happened,” Cintron-Justice said.

Her stepmom wasn’t able to get out on her own. “These people were at the door helping her get out,” she said.

Although she had to crawl, she was able to make it out of the car. “She was able to crawl out on the other side and get out because the top part of the car was crushed. Thankfully she was short so she was able to get out,” said Cintron-Justice.

The car took on most of the damage, thankfully, and Rebecca’s stepmom was able to walk away with only a few cuts.

Rob Armstrong is one of the people who helped the woman out of the door. “She said she had a few cuts on her arm. A few on her face because of the glass,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong rushed over to help after he heard the tree fall. “Every tree out here, every tree behind me, I just looked out the window right before I heard this pop and every tree out here was just leaning sideways,” he said.

Everyone is thankful that the woman escaped. Her stepdaughter is calling it a miracle. “To know that she came out of that and walked away from that basically ok I’m just very, very thankful she’s ok,” Cintron-Justice said.

The driver’s family says she was in the process of moving the last few items out of her home when the tree struck her car. She was moving out of her home after her husband died in April.

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