Neighbors upset about speeding near homes; leaderboard shows high speeds

Reporter: Emma Heaton Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Credit: WINK News.

Neighbors in a residential area of north Cape Coral are fed up with speeders, so someone made use of a radar speed sign by putting up a leaderboard of their own next to it to show the top speeds being recorded on the road.

A leaderboard could be seen on El Dorado Boulevard North just before Van Buren Parkway Friday, where community members say people who pass by are driving too fast very often.

We reached out to Cape Coral Police Department, and they are aware of the sign. It’s unknown who put it up at this time.

Credit: WINK News.

We spoke to Marie Frankin and Maria Chevalier, who say people aren’t following the speed limit. The speed limit is 45 mph, and the top speed on the leaderboard shows 77 mph.

“It’s kind of funny but also kind of sad because, you know, we’re just trying to keep the street safe,” Franklin said.

The leaderboard that was put in place is right near the actual speed radar.

“It’s very dangerous because you have school kids that wait on each corner and are waiting for buses and things like that,” Chevalier said. “They walk on every sidewalk. They walk on the property, and you know, they could get hit.”

Chevalier told us she’s had to replace her mailbox three times because drivers with a lead foot run over it, then take off. When she heard about the new game, she wasn’t a fan.

“I just found out today what it’s all about, and I didn’t know,” Chevalier said. “That don’t make any sense.”

Either way, Chevalier hopes every participant will change the rules and play it safe.

“I just hope that they stop speeding,” Chevalier said.

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