9-year-old child hit by car near Trafalgar Middle School

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A 9-year-old child on a bicycle was hit by a car in Cape Coral. This occurred at the intersection of Trafalgar Parkway and SW 20th Avenue near Trafalgar Middle School, just after 3 p.m.

Police say the young girl’s injuries do not appear to be life-threatening and that she will be okay.

The girl was leaving her elementary school that is just up the street when she got to the intersection of Trafalgar and SW 20th Ave. That’s where the car hit her.

The crossing guard that normally works that post was still at the elementary school when the girl was hit. That guard doesn’t move to this intersection until the middle school lets out.

The guard said she never wished she could be in two places at once more than she did earlier today. For her, it is more than just a job. Barby Baldwin tries to go above and beyond for her students that cross this street every day.

“I’ll stay extra like here in the morning I’m here until 30 but I stay till like 40 because I know that there’s stragglers and I wait for them, I don’t care,” said Baldwin.

While speaking with WINK News, one of those stragglers rode by on a bike and Baldwin couldn’t help but do her job. “Let me just make sure that this child crosses, I’m off duty but I just… do you mind if I go?” she said.

She ran to the corner and watched the child until she had safely crossed the street. For her to know that a child got hit while she was just up the street was unbearable for her to think about. “I felt horrible, I was like I wish I could be here, oh Jesus,” said Baldwin.

But for anyone who knows the area, this does not come as a surprise. “When children are present it’s 20 miles here. Nobody goes 20 miles here! They barely go 35, they’re always speeding,” Baldwin said.

Neighbors who reside around the school live with the speeding. Tim LeConey said. “I have a 10-year-old and I was sick to my stomach you know when I heard it because it could be my daughter right out here in this area and it’s just people got a realize, just be extra careful when you’re coming around the school areas,” Leconey said.

Now, Baldwin shopping this accident shed light on the fact that she needs a little extra help with the traffic. “Another crossing guard would be very helpful,” she said.

Both this neighbor and the crossing guard wanted to see a stoplight put there but that never happened. Now, they’re hoping people simply slow down and pay more attention.

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