Good Samaritan shares how he saved young girl from traffic in Lehigh Acres

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A man jumps out of his car to save a young girl wandering on a busy road. He chased after her, picked her up, and got her to safety. The good Samaritan said the child’s mother and grandfather were crying, happy the little girl was okay.

Good Samaritan Miguel Burgos got choked up talking about her. He said his instincts just kicked in and helped stop a tragedy from happening.

The three-year-old is now home safe and sound after the scary run across a busy Lehigh acres road on Monday.

Burgos called 911 and told them, “yes I was seeing a girl in the middle of the street and she almost got killed.”

He is a grandfather of 14 children, and now the man who risked his life to save a little girl.

“I said oh my god, oh my god. I stop my car in the middle of the street and I start running after her,” said Burgos.

Deputies said the child escaped the Garden of Infants daycare and started wandering along Lee Boulevard.

Burgos said, “a girl 3 years old running all by herself no one chasing her trying to get her. The cars, they don’t even stop. It was crazy.”

He was able to grab her and get her to safety. “I picked her up. Tried to stop cars with hands when we crossed the street we fell in grass, she started laughing.”

Thinking about what could have happened makes Burgos emotional. “I said god thank you. She hugged me and I started crying. Very emotional at that moment.”

He wonders what the daycare would have said if the girl was hit by a car. “What are they going to say to parent. Your daughter died. How’d she die? Crossing the street when she was supposed to be in care, taking care of her. I don’t know.”

The official report states a daycare employee said they were in dismissal when a parent left the door to the classroom open and the girl managed to walk away.

WINK News has been told that the daycare has since hired an attorney and DCF is now investigating.

Burgos said hopes he will get a chance to meet the little girl’s family.

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