An agreement is reached to handle noise issues at Celebration Park

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A community feels they can sleep better now knowing that an agreement was reached to handle noise at a park. Complaints about the noise at Celebration Park in Naples have been a problem for quite some time.

But, there are now rules in place to keep those celebrations a little quieter. The owner of Celebration Park called it a happy day. Across from the park, those who live in the area are also happy.

Everyone is glad that there is a resolution to the noise.

Some homeowners who live along Bayshore Drive say things go bump in the night. Susan Crum lives near Celebration Park. “It’s loud. It’s in our living room. It’s in our back bedroom. The bass is the worst. You can’t really hear the words,” said Crum.

After a three-year battle, neighbors hope their new agreement means peace and quiet. Crum says Celebration Park is not the problem. The sound being inside her home is.

“It’s a working-class neighborhood —we just want to be in our homes and have peace and quiet that we deserve,” Crum said.

Rebecca Maddox owns the park. She says everyone worked together to compromise and believes the agreement was a win for all. That includes her business and the food truck owners that depend on it.

“When I look over there, what I see is the community at large truly enjoying this. So that makes me incredibly happy,” Maddox said. “Do I care about people who don’t like it? Absolutely.”

“I’m going to continue every day to try to make everyone happy. That’s hard,” Maddox added.

Some of the details of the agreement include limiting bands to two singers and one drum set, having two speakers for amplification but having them face downward and towards the street, that sound barriers must be installed, and the music has to end by 9 p.m. during the week. The music has to end by 9:30 p.m. on the weekend.

The case will be closed once the permit is finalized and fines are paid. If there is another noise violation, it will be brought back to code enforcement.

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