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Ordinance doesn’t pass that could help rising rent prices in Collier County

Reporter: Jennifer Morejon Writer: Paul Dolan
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Rising Rent
Ordinance doesn’t pass to help rising rent prices in Collier County. (CREDIT: WINK News)

Renters in Collier County are looking for changes with rising rent prices.

Renters are asking for a 60-day notice from landlords if they’re raising the rent by 5% or more. But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen as of right now.

Rising rents, little notice, and no place affordable to move are what Collier County residents say as they continue their fight against the housing crisis.

Tuesday’s county commissioner’s meeting left residents with disappointment. The ordinance that would’ve made landlords give tenants a 60-day notice if their rent raised by over 5% did not pass.

Elizabeth Radi represents the Collier County tenant union. She said, “To not pass an ordinance where people are just basically given common courtesy to the individuals that need it, I think it’s neglectful.”

Radi says people need assistance fast and this was a way to buy them time as they wait for housing assistance funds or can make plans to relocate.

“That’s not taken into consideration here, some people might need to relocate,” Radi says. “They move their families ”

Commissioners that turned the ordinance down say it will not solve the housing crisis. They claim it will have little impact, while others disagree.

Andy Solis, one of the Collier County Commissioner’s said, “How is any of this going to make any difference to the fact that there is not enough affordable housing and the rents are going up too fast?”

Burt L. Saunders, another Commissioner for Collier County said, “But I don’t think we do any harm by passing this, we do send a message we want landlords to at least be fair.”

In the meantime, county commissioners keep pushing for people to get money from their rental assistance programs. Encouraging the community to apply even though the process can be lengthy.

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